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As experts in the real estate market, we have an excellent pool of construction workers with extensive experience. Choosing our services, you can count on assistance at every stage of the project, as well as professional execution.


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Scope of construction services

in Balt Invest .


Among the carpenters’ duties is the construction of structures
wooden structures used in the construction industry. In addition, employees in the indicated position
position deal with the joining of individual components using nails,
screws, yokes, clamps or table clamps. The carpenter is also tasked with selecting
wood, which will be characterized by the most suitable parameters
for a given structure, making formwork and building timber-frame houses

Concrete reinforcer

Among our services you will find assistance in the creation of reinforced concrete elements,
making reinforcement and placing it in formwork and forms. The range of responsibilities
experts also includes manual or machine processing of concrete, including stamping,
prestressing, applying to the surface. A reinforcing concrete worker will perform professional
protection of reinforced concrete structures and will handle the professional operation of machinery
reinforcing machines.


The tasks of masons supplying our team include:
execution of load-bearing masonry and partition walls. Additional
services remain the creation of foundations, reinforcement masonry,
lintels, ceilings of the Klein type, dense ribbed ceilings and vaults
arches. In addition, our masons will perform auxiliary work
masonry, including mortar preparation, transport of materials to the
work site, as well as insulation and cladding work.


the services of Balt Invest .

Every day we strive to achieve
the highest possible results .
in our business.

Therefore, it remains so important for us to fully satisfy
customers while completing tasks to the last button
to the last button. We are guided by the principles of timeliness and quality,
which play the greatest role in our professional work. For
Balt Invest the most important thing remains your satisfaction and
satisfaction with the completed construction work.

We are a team of experts for whom nothing is
impossible. We strive for the continuous growth of our
team and improving the competence of its employees. Hundreds of
implemented to this day, which have been completed with
real success, are confirmation of the rightness of the
choice of our company as a contractor.

We are engaged in the erection of
buildings, we realize consistent
projects from A to Z.

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