Balt Invest is a company with a unique
vision and a passion for innovation.

We are more than just developers; we are a group of people who, with commitment and passion, create spaces distinguished by aesthetics and modernity. Our history is a story of a unique combination of determination and perseverance. We are a proud part of the international investment group ALG, which has been successfully carrying out development investments in the Baltic countries: Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland for over 30 years. Our offer includes a variety of projects, from luxury apartments in city centers to comfortable homes in quieter locations. Each property is designed with different client groups in mind, allowing us to better meet their individual needs. The company is constantly expanding its scope of activity and developing new directions. Over the years, we have built various types of residential buildings, from reconstructions and construction of single-family homes to terraced and residential buildings.


Our experienced team is always ready to help clients make the right decision when choosing a property. Our customer cooperation motto is: “Our customer, our partner.” Thanks to this philosophy, we focus on ensuring that each of our clients is satisfied with the property they have purchased from us, which is the most important measure of our success.

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Why choose

Balt Invest services?

Experience and Stability

We have over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, operating internationally in the Baltic markets. As part of the renowned international investment group ALG, we provide stability and assurance in our investments.

Innovation and Quality

We focus on innovative solutions that combine comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Our projects are carefully planned and executed with the highest attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality of our properties.

Diverse Offer

Our portfolio offers a wide selection of properties, from luxurious apartments to comfortable flats in attractive locations. This allows everyone to find something perfect for them, regardless of preferences and budget.

Safety and Future Investments

Our projects are not only financially secure but also increase in value over time, making them an excellent choice for those thinking about the future.