With regard to the continuous development of our company, we are looking for blue-collar workers to provide repair and construction services.


Apply if you would like to join the Balt Invest team as a carpenter, reinforcing concrete worker or mason. Send your application for the position of your choice – we will try to establish cooperation with you.


We are looking for blue-collar workers for the position of carpenter. The main duties include the construction of wooden structures in the construction industry. In this position, you will have plenty of opportunities to join individual components using nails, screws, clamps, yokes and table clamps. You will also be involved in selecting wood with the most suitable parameters for a given structure, making formwork and building timber-frame houses. If these names are not unfamiliar to you and you are familiar with performing tasks in the indicated field - then we are looking for you!

Concrete reinforcer

We are looking for blue-collar workers to create reinforced concrete elements, make reinforcement and place it in formwork and molds. The duties of this position will include manual or machine processing of concrete including stamping, prestressing, applying to the surface. If you know what are the main tasks in a job with a specialty of reinforcing concrete worker - apply to us!


We are looking for blue-collar workers for the position of bricklayer. Among other things, their tasks will include: construction of load-bearing masonry and partition walls, creation of foundations, reinforcing masonry, lintels, Klein type ceilings, dense ribbed ceilings and arched vaults. In addition, our masons perform masonry work, including mortar preparation, transportation of materials to the work site, and insulation and cladding work. If this is the job for you - apply!

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